How to fix a rear seat release latch on a second gen Impreza WRX

If your rear seat will not fold down in your Subaru Impreza or WRX wagon you would probably like to know that the plastic portion of the latch is threaded, and the metal part that it threads on to likely worked its way toward the back of the car (just behind the hole). If you push down on your seat just behind the hole you will feel a lump. That is the metal rod that the plastic latch is supposed to thread on to. If you are missing the latch you could fish the metal part back through and use that.

I had to put a small LED down into the seat to see how everything worked as I thought I had broken my latch off. As it turned out the metal rod that actuated the latch had worked its way out of the hole and was not visible.

Mine feel off because I left my seats down for a few months and I was moving a lot of stuff in and out of my car. I have a feeling kids like to take those off, and if you didn’t know that it was threaded because you could not see the metal rod you might have a hard time getting your seat back down.

You will need a “knob” if yours is broken.  It is about a $3 part which will probably cost more to ship than buy.


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